New History, Two Male Cheerleaders Perform in the Super Bowl Arena

History was created during the 2019 Super Bowl, the final of American football ( NFL ), which took place in Atlanta on Sunday, February 3, 2019. For the first time there were two men who appeared as cheerleaders at the arena the.

Quinton Peron, 26, and Napoleon Jinnies, 28, were among the sexy women who were a supporter of the Los Angeles Rams team, who played against the New England Patriots that night.

The platform is very happy to appear and carve history. “A smile has never left my face since I arrived here,” he said.

The platform came from Rancho Cucamonga and began learning to dance from the age of 16. While Jinnies came from Santa Barbara, California, and started dancing since he was 12 years old. Both are professional dancers.

Have they never felt ashamed? “You have to be thick-skinned to do anything. You just have to go there and do it,” Jinnies said.

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Unfortunately in the Super Bowl final, Peron and Jinnies had to see their team lose. Rams, who is the National Football Conference (NFC) champion bent the Patriors, American Football Conference (AFC) champion, with a score of 13-3.