Cool! NFL Cooperates with AWS to Use Cloud to Predict Player Safety

The National Football League (NFL) works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to advance the health and safety of players, combining NFL data with the capabilities of its makers in the cloud and specifically artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

The NFL will take data that has been collected over the past decade. Data is pulled from sensors and game recordings and then combined with technology available from AWS, which is then used to predict the player’s future. Including predicting injury scenarios to develop ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat injuries.

From this collaboration, AWS and NFL will also jointly develop the Digital Athlete platform, a computer simulation model of the NFL player that will be used to model scenarios in a gaming environment . Digital Athletes will apply AWS’s AI, ML, and computer vision technology, including Amazon Recognition, to NFL data sets, including those from historical and current video feeds, player positions, game types, equipment choices, playing surfaces, environmental factors, and aggregates and Anonymously injured player information. 

AWS and NFL will also develop computer vision models using Amazon SageMaker, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth, and Amazon Recognition to advance the ability to detect concussions and identify the forces that cause them.

The announcement itself is based on the Next Gen Stats partnership which began in 2017. The Next Gen Stats platform provides real time , speed and acceleration data for each player while on the field. The platform has seen innovations in advanced statistics, such as the probability of a game being completed and the range of catches that can be done.

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